Canning Recipes

Apple Butter


4 pounds apples
4 cups sugar
2 tea. Cinnamon
1/4 tea Cloves

Wash, peel and core apples this were a good apple peeler comes in. Cut into small pieces, add 2 cups of water cover and simmer until apples are soft,put through food mill. Combine with sugar and spices in a sauce pot until thick, stir frequently to prevent sticking. Leave a 1/4 inch head space in the jars when filling them. Process 10 minutes in a water bath canner

Yields-5 pints.

Get Grow it Save it Use it for applesauce, dried apples and many more uses for a bushel of apples. Follow canning directions included inside GSU.


3-Day Watermelon Pickles



7 lbs. watermelon rind
salt water ( 1/4 cup salt to 1 quart water)
7 cups sugar
2 cups vinegar

1/2 tsp oil of cloves
1/2 tsp oil of Cinnamon

Use rind from firm,preferably under ripe melon, trim off dark green skin and pink section, leaving a very thin line of pink. Cut into 1 inch cubes or circles. Soak about 2 hours in salt water to cover. Drain,rinse and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil,cook until tender, but not soft about 10 minutes then drain. Combine sugar, vinegar, and spices, heat to boiling and pour over rind in large glass or pottery bowl, let stand stand overnight at room temperature, covered with waxed paper. In the morning, drain off syrup and heat to boiling and pour back over rind.Let stand overnight again. On the third morning, heat rind in syrup once boiling pour into sterilized jars and boil in water bath canner for 10 minutes.


Bread and Butter Pickles


4 lbs 4-6 inch cucumbers-sliced
2 lbs onions chopped
1/3 cup canning salt
2 cups sugar
2 tbls mustard seed

2 tea turmeric
2 tea celery seed
1 tea ginger
1 tea peppercorns
3 cups vinegar

Combine cucumber and onion slices in a large bowl. Layer with salt and cover with ice cubes. Let stand 1 1/2 hours. Drain and rinse then drain again. Combine other ingredients in a sauce pot bring to a boil, then add vegetables and bring to a boil, ladle hot mixture into hot jars 1/4 inch Process 10 minutes in a water bath canner. Full canning instructions included inside GSU. Get Grow it Save it Use it for dill pickle recipe, relish and many other uses of cucumbers from your garden.

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