Free Seeds Program


Free Seeds Program the rules are simple.

The seeds are free for anyone that wants to plant them.

The empty packets will be provided if you want to bring seeds back to this location to share with others. Feel free and grow your plants and remember you can save seeds from the fruit to use next year, share with your family or bring back to share with others.


Simple rules for filling packets:


No Hybrid or G M O Seeds

5 seeds minimum per pack

Only use seeds you personally saved or new seed packets

Print clearly on the packets

Optional picture of the fruit attached

Take a picture of your full seed packet and share the location on FB, twitter or Instagram so anyone who needs seeds knows were to find them and keep the free seed program growing!


It does not matter how much money you have or the color of your skin. We all need to eat and it all starts with a simple seed.We can never have to many random acts of kindness of free food growing to help our neighbors.

Food should not be a luxury item, save your seeds and grow your food year after year with heirloom seeds. Even if you live in an apartment you can grow herbs, beans and carrots and many other veggies.

The free seeds program is for everyone, feel free and copy this idea in your town. I will be happy to send you the seed packet template or you can grab it from my fb page. All you need is a box with this information on it and a few seed packets 10 full and 10 empty. Put a sign on the front that says free seeds!

Ideal locations are farmers markets and health food stores.








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