Save Money on Grocery Bill

Save Money on Monthly Grocery Bill $200-$400 per month based on cost of goods How to Shop Smart Section 1 1. Shop in bulk at farmers market near you, • 20-50lb bag of potatoes ($20-25) • 5 lb bag of carrots ($3-5) • 10lb bag of onions ($7-10) • 10lb bag of apples or pears ($5) • Garlic as much as you can afford • Any other bulk vegetable your family likes that is grown locally and is affordable • Buy produce in season it is always the cheapest, strawberries in spring, then cherries 2. Research the best way to store each bulk item • Examples: Dicing and freezing onions for later use • Dehydration of most foods help to make them last longer, think dryed apples or sliced potatoes • Cold storage works well for most foods but not all 3. Look for an Amish market or a local bulk goods store • Flour • Sugar • Eggs At least 4 dozen per month if not many more • Oatmeal • Yeast • Peanut Butter • Nuts • Dry fruit- might be expensive • Coco, baking soda, baking powder • Rice & pasta in bulk • Cheese if you can afford • Oil/ butter or fat like lard • Coffee or Tea 4. Affordable protein sources • Beans are cheapest when purchased dry, look up how to cook them. We make extra and freeze small bags to pull out so we can add them to recipes • Hunting local game when able rabbit, squirrel • Packs of meat at local butchers when on sale • Purchase a ½ or ¼ cow or pig from local farmer 5. Most Savings are what not to buy • Pop/Soda • Alcohol • Premade meals • Frozen premade meals Ex: Pizza, TV dinners • Candy, filler • Make sure purchases are foods that give your family nutrition • Chips • Cereal • Milk • Juice • Bottled water
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