Niagara County Farm Tour


First tour will be July 20th at 10am

Shop, visit and explore!

Natural meat market, pastured pig farm, raw dairy, rustic bakery, Alpaca farm and more...

Without the support of our community, local farmers will be put out of business by big agriculture.

This tour will give you the opportunity to meet a few new local farmers who supply wholesome high quality food.

Meet at 10 am at my house and get ready for a fun day out in the country! 

This is likely one of many different farm tours we will be doing, coming soon Amish tours, other local farms. So many to see and so little time. Also be on the lookout for a winery tour and tasting.

4-5 hour tour depending on how long we spend at each place. I will bring coolers with ice packs so you can purchase perishable items on our travels, also bring plenty of cash, most places take credit but not all.

$25.00 per person. 4 person minimum to go, our max is 9 people all pre-paid in advance only.

We will stop for lunch but it is not included.


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We can also be found on  under WNYgardening

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