Permiculture gardening is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Here are the simple steps to setup a permiculture garden bed with out tilling the land.

Other Names: Forest Gardening, Layered Gardening, Lasagna Gardening

Important Film:


 Less weeds

 Less water

 Less fertilizing

Less work

 More worms

 More recycling

Three easy steps, all items can and should be collected without spending money to purchase them, if you do not have land at your house look for a place to donate a section of land to grow food for a neighborhood project. Churches, schools and other town buildings would be a good place to start your search for free land. This is a very simple process, but every year you will need to add more wood chips and pull any weed that may sprout after a rain.

(1) Bottom

Newspaper blk/wht Cardboard Paper maybe old bills

 (2)  Middle

Leaves Kitchen scraps- no meat Cut grass always plenty for free Any organic matter that is free in your yard

 (3) Top or Cover

Free wood chips Straw or hay Rocks Wait a few weeks and then plant under the newspaper layer the first year and as the plant grows back fill the mulch.

heirloom seeds
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