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Types of classes you can find here

Food freedom class

Saving and sharing seeds

Starting seedlings indoors for outdoor gardens

Sprouting year-round  wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower shoots and more

Seed swap and plant swaps

No-till gardening permiculture

Houseplant propagation

Raising backyard chickens

Canning 101

Niagara county farm tour (seasonally)

Homemade cleaning products

Jam making basics

Lettuce bowls

Homemade mothers day planters

Outdoor herb planters

Past Classes


Seed Saving in Buffalo Intro to Seed Library

Tuesday September 18th, 2018
7:00 PM
Audubon Library
350 John James Audubon Parkway
Amherst NY 14228

Cost: FREE register is advance 716-689-4922

Seeds are the new gold! Tonight we will talk about saving seeds. You will learn techniques and from what kind of produce  to save seed and why.  There will be demonstrations of seed saving techniques, as well as discussion of past successes and failures. Seed swapping is also welcomed at this event


Raising Backyard Chickens

Have you ever wanted to raise a few chickens (6-20) in your backyard? If you're curious about how difficult it is or just have a bunch of questions, this is the hands on class for you.

Even if you want to raise a bunch of chickens  or less, we can help you on your path to doing just that successfully whether you're raising egg layers or meat chickens.

Here are some major take-away's you'll get from this class:

- How to raise chicks from day old until they are adults.

- The difference between meat chickens and egg laying chickens

- The breeds that thrive in our cold climate and the ones that don't.

- How long do chickens live?

- How old are they when they start laying eggs?

- How old is a meat chicken before it is ready for the freezer?

- Do you need a rooster to get eggs?

- What is the difference between, free range, pasture raised, cage free and organic eggs.

- What kind of chicken lays green eggs?


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