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“Right in the beginning, in Genesis, God talks about how He created plants, vegetables and
fruits that bear seed after their own kind... What that says to you is that once you have this
plant or vegetable, you have its future generations in seed form. And it’s all free!”

~ Paul Gautschi ~

Niagara County Farm Tours

We are going to do this one more time, anyone interested in going to visit local farms with me  Thursday's in  November Weather permitting TBA at 9 am - 3 pm, just let me know.

We have room for 5-6 people per tour. Currently it is me, so the more the merrier!

Review from last farm tour from Cheryl

“ Awesome experience! Brenda's best advice, it is good to know where your food comes from; however it is more important to see where your food comes from. And to know who is growing it. Seeing the farmers working and being able to speak to them led me to understand how hard they work. As well as the many differences and benefits of organic, cage free, pasture raised, grass fed and natural foods. The farm tours were intimate, and open, they had good practices, so nothing to hide. Brenda our tour guide was full of information that you will not get on a large tour bus excursion. I also believe that she genuinely cared for and wanted to support small farmers and small local businesses. Who knew that there are so many farms in the Niagara Region. Every should go! Best part, I finally ended my search for local grass fed raw milk. Yeah! Thanks Brenda. ”

— Cheryl on Aug 11, 2017.

Brenda 716-940-5161 my cell for any questions

More information on the guided Farm Tour

Alpaca's & Pastured pork

Raw Dairy

Family Farm

Local Bakery

Amish Bulk Food Store

and More

I will be charging $25.00 per person but that also includes lunch!

Fresh local food for lunch out in a covered yard, very peaceful.


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